The Abalone Industry Reinvestment Fund (AIRF) is designed to support and increase the sustainability and productivity of the abalone fishery both biologically and economically while also addressing the impacts of the long spined sea urchin (Centrostephanus) to the marine environment. The AIRF is an allocation of $5.1 million over 5 years and was established under the Tasmanian Government’s ‘Taking Seafood to the Next Level’ initiative.


The AIRF Committee has reviewed a number of projects to further the objectives of the AIRF. So far, 14 projects have been approved and have either commenced or are about to commence.

These projects are funded from the 2019 and 2020 AIRF funding allocations from Treasury. Additional calls for further project Expressions of Interest (EOI’s) will be made throughout the five-year funding deal.

Full details of the AIRF can be found here.

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