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We value and care for Tasmania’s pure, natural and pristine aquatic environment.


Responsibly sourced wild, hand caught blacklip and greenlip abalone.


A commitment to research ensuring effective management of our resources, environment and a secure future


Supporting Tasmanian industry and communities by bringing investment back into the Tasmanian economy


Licensed processors adhere to strict quality assurance guidelines, supplying to local and international markets


Providing ongoing long-term and secure investment to support the industry

The year 1994 was an important year for the Tasmanian Abalone industry. The Tasmanian Abalone Council Ltd (TACL) was formed, replacing the Tasmanian Abalone Divers Association (TADA) that had existed since the seventies. The move to the new “fully incorporated” entity with a “more inclusive” title was deemed necessary in order to properly recognise and acknowledge that by the early nineties, the abalone industry had developed into a more diverse and complex industry involving three key stakeholder sectors: divers, quota owners and processors.

Following the formation of the new organisation, premises in Hunter Street were leased and the TACL established its first “proper” office facility in conjunction with Fruit Growers Tasmania (FGT). Sally Tennant was hired as the first TACL Office Manager. In the short space of a few months in 1994, the Tasmanian abalone industry had taken its first major steps on the road to becoming a truly professional peak industry body.

In the 27 years since then, the TACL has either initiated or been very closely involved with every single major industry reform. It has done so in its capacity as a representative body looking after the interest first and foremost of its members.


Adrian Cuthbertson 2021 – present
Joey McKibben 2013 – 2021
Greg Woodham 2007 – 2013
Dean Lisson 1994 – 2007
Steve Gasparinatos (dec.) tbc
Geoff Harper tbc
Tony Wurf tbc


Any person who has rendered distinguished service to the Council may be admitted as a Life Member of the Council, at the invitation of the Executive.

Joey McKibben 2020
Robert W Scanlon 2018
Alan Gray 2018
(James) John Hoult 2015
Greg S Woodham 2015
Anthony (Tony) Johnston 2014
Steve Gasparinatos (dec.) 2004
Dean M Lisson 2004
Scott A McKibben 2004
Allen G Hansen (dec.) 2004
Anthony Wurf 1994
AB (Benny) Boxall (dec.) 12 1994
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