Boasting a staggering 25% of global production of wild harvest abalone, the Tasmanian Abalone fishery forms the basis of one of Tasmania’s most important domestic and export industries. The Tasmanian Abalone Council Limited (TAC) is the peak industry body representing divers, processors and quota holders.

Established in 1994 as a means to protect and promote all facets of the industry, the Tasmania Abalone Council is committed to furthering the interests of all trades, businesses and professions connected with, interested in or affected by any aspect of the abalone fishery in Tasmania. As the united voice of one of Tasmania’s premium and most valuable industries, the Tasmanian Abalone Council represents and articulates the views and needs of all stakeholders and allied interests alike.

The TAC has significant input into Government policy regarding the management of the abalone industry via the Abalone Fishery Advisory Committee (AbFAC) providing informed advice directly to the Fisheries Minister in all relevant matters. The AbFAC is a Ministerial advisory committee chaired by an independent Chairman that convenes three to four times per annum and is made up of representatives from the TAC, the DPIPWE Marine Resources Division, Marine Police, Tasmanian Conservation Trust and the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies.

The Stock Assessment Forum (SAF) is a TAC Committee that convenes four times per annum and provides fishery management advice to TAC members, AbFAC and the Minister. This committee is managed by the TAC, is chaired by an independent third party and provides industry stakeholders with a forum to review and debate any matter relevant to the sustainable management of the Tasmanian wild abalone resource.

The Abalone Research Advisory Group (AbRAG) is convened (and chaired) once per annum by the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies. Representatives from IMAS and the TAC use this forum to review and prioritise abalone related research.