The TACL has significant formal input into Government policy regarding the management of the abalone industry via the Abalone Fishery Core Group, a Ministerial Advisory Committee, as well as providing informed advice directly to the Fisheries Minister on all relevant matters. The Core Group includes representatives from the TACL and the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS).

The Board of the TACL is informed through the Stock Assessment Forum (SAF), which is sponsored by and is part of the deliberations of the TACL Board, and co-incides with a General Meeting of members where possible. IT provides fishery management advice to TACL members, the Core Group and the Minister through the Board. The Forum provides industry stakeholders with a forum to review and debate any matter relevant to the sustainable management of the Tasmanian wild abalone resource.

The Abalone Research Advisory Group (AbRAG) is convened (and chaired) once per annum by the IMAS. Representatives from IMAS and the TACL use this forum to review and prioritise abalone related research.