AIDF Project 4 – Abalone Environmental Management Plan

AIDF Project #4: Development of an Abalone Environmental Monitoring Program (AEMP) for the lower D’Entrecasteaux Channel and Actaeons region – 2017

The primary objective of this project was to design an abalone-centric ecological monitoring program (EMP) for the Lower D’Entrecasteaux Channel, South Bruny and Actaeons Islands abalone reef systems – principally covering an area outlined by abalone sub blocks: 13C, 13D, 13E, 14A, 14B, 14C, 14D and 14E. Historically, abalone blocks 13 and 14 have provided a very high proportion of the total tonnage of abalone harvested from within the eastern zone of the Tasmanian abalone fishery. The health and ongoing productivity of these blocks is therefore vitally important to the abalone industry. Environmental risks have increased in recent years – particularly those risks posed by the burgeoning in-water salmonid sector spreading south down the Channel towards these valuable abalone fishing blocks.

The AEMP may be found here.

The TACL has been in ongoing discussions with IMAS since 2018 regarding the implementation of an AEMP for abalone fishing blocks 13 and 14. IMAS have “agreed in principle” to potentially fund (from within the SMRCA) a monitoring plan similar in design and scale to the AEMP. Progress on this has been contingent on completion of the Rapid Reef Assessment methodology developed by IMAS (Dr Camille White) as an extension of FRDC Project 2015/024.

The TACL will continue to work with IMAS to fully implement an AEMP for the lower Channel and Actaeons during 2021/22.